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Welcome to SuMMo

Sustainable Municipal Mobility 

Best Practices Handbook

for leaders of municipalities, transport authorities and operators,

those decision-makers who make changes pushing "fossil" dependency away

to the past, finally,

saying... "Bye-bye, oil bussie!.."

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Updating reality

SuMMo`s Story

One day we noticed that sustainable transition of transport in many cities is delayed significantly. An inequality in knowledge access is a root cause. A lack of non-media quality information just on the tables of decision-makers, a language barrier and limited time of busy people to travel, to do research about ongoing innovations, to study successful cases in other municipalities are slowing down the process of replacing old technologies on the streets. SuMMo is a social enterprise launched to enable equality in getting to Net Zero, faster, easier and without headache.

SuMMo`s Action

SuMMo is a handbook delivering the knowledge on best practices and available instruments for sustainable mobility transition precisely to municipalities, their transport authorities and operators.

SuMMo`s Mission

Is to increase equal awareness and professional knowledge exchange, to finally push out the expensive, energy consuming and environmentally problematic technologies by replacing them with up-to-date new ones practically proved by colleagues from other municipalities, to create open discussion on the practice and models, go from dreaming to doing and encourage wide trust to the new.

SuMMo`s Vision

Sustainable, safe and healthy municipalities as supportive environment for Everyone, ensuring continuity for the Planet, achieved with our current contribution to equal knowledge access and peer collaboration.


SuMMo Chapters

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Visions and Policies

Messages from thought leaders on the agenda and roadmaps or sustainable mobility transition in municipalities

Latest vision letters and policy papers 


Best Practices and Project Cases

The latest examples of planning, engineering, digital, management and exploitation practices directly shared to inspire other municipalities once implemented


Actual Market and Innovations

A catalog of up-to-date sustainable public transport, infrastructure and all the range of products for sustainable mobility ecosystem in municipalities

SuMMo chapters


Professional community

The SuMMo professional community unites experts, specialists and representatives of companies in the field of sustainable municipal mobility. Join in!


Start-up Village

The innovations, breakthrough technologies and the latest tools for the transition to sustainable mobility

SuMMo`s Coverage

The handbook's publications are made in national languages only with localized issues for the each country or region

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SuMMo's Geography

SuMMo Ambition:

Upcoming in 2023

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Editorial Team


Denis Radiuk

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Co-founder, Author of Idea


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Dariia Osiik

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Co-founder, Chief Editor


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Ntchindi Chilongozi Theu

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Project Management

Malawi, Estonia, Ukraine


Anhelina Lavreniuk

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Co-founder, Visual Communications



Mohamed Sameh

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Martin Messer Thomsen

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SuMMo`s Publisher

In Estonia, clean and untouched nature co-exists with the world’s most digitally advanced society. It is a place for independent minds where bright ideas meet a can-do spirit. Nordic. Efficient. Innovative. Producing excellence and sustainability.


GNerdiX OÜ - an Estonian research company focused on sustainability, known for its positive impacting the early formation of national electric vehicles and charging service markets in the countries of CEE region, especially, Poland (2015-2017) and Ukraine (2015-2020), co-enabling their way to become the region's leaders by the number of pure BEVs. GNerdiX built the initial community, competition and communication infrastructure necessary to boost the scaling, completing it's growth support activities with it's EVIM International Development Project and the program of EVIM Summits as the company's CSR initiative to overcover it's carbon footprint. The focus of current CSR program is on helping municipalities to obtain 100% fossil fuel independent mobility ecosystems. SuMMo is contributing by equal and timely access of municipal decision makers to new knowledge and the latest peers' experience. Join us!

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SuMMo`s publisher
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Get in touch

SuMMo`s Publisher

GNerdiX OÜ

Narva mnt 5, Kesklinn district, Tallinn, Harju county, 10117, Estonia

+ 372 602 72 90

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